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  • Kathleen is excited to be in Oscar winner’s Aaron Sorkin’s latest film: The Trial Of The Chicago 7, staring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne shooting in November. Sorkin wrote and directs the film.

  • Kathleen recently worked with James Franco on HBO’S THE DEUCE airing this fall.

  • Into video games? Another top secret project she’s shooting is a hot new game that is flying her around the world to film. You’re going definitely want to check out it! More details to come.

  • She is currently in Marvel’s podcast, WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL; starred in GOD’S WAITING ROOM by Robert Austin Rossi at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles; and featured in national commercials and print ads for Bristol Myers Squibb, Optiva, and Brilinta.

  • A busy period of writing in 2017 - 2018 saw Kathleen’s stories published in The Saturday Evening Post, Zocalo Public Square-Part 1, and Part 2 The Digg in the United Kingdom, and The Smithsonian Museum of American History’s project “What It Means To Be American”. Kathleen is pitching a TV series she developed with writing partner, Jacoba Atlas, and is now adapting the story into a Young Adult Novel.

  • Kathleen’s voice can be heard in two films on Netflix. She voiced matched Mercedes McCambridge in Orson Welles’ THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND and dubbed the French comedy, I AM NOT AN EASY MAN. Kathleen narrated the WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW for Fox Sports 1.

  • For video game fans of DEAD RISING 3, Kathleen plays the marvelously evil Dr. Marian “The Director” Mallon.

  • She is an audition coach for actors and voice-over talent.

  • Currently on TV: Without a Trace, Suspect (S1, Ep5) , Sun, Oct 13 3:00 AM EDT on POPSD; Without a Trace, Silent Partner (S1, Ep6), Sun, Oct 13 4:00 AM EDT on POPSD



Kathleen Garrett is an actor, voice-over talent, writer, audition and voice-over coach. Classically trained in New York and London, her range runs the gamut of roles from drama queens in Greek tragedies to slapstick comediennes in sitcoms.

Kathleen’s first love is the theatre. She starred and co-produced William Luce’s one-woman play, “ZELDA: THE LAST FLAPPER” based on the writings of Zelda Fitzgerald to critical acclaim at the Tiffany Theatres in Los Angeles, StageWest in Springfield and The Ensemble Theatre in Santa Barbara.

Kathleen is a recipient of The Drama Critics Circle Award, Garland Award, LA Weekly Award, Robbie Award, and Ovation Nomination. She is one of the few actors to be award the international Clio Award and The Women’s League of Advertising Award for Best Performance in a commercial.

Her extensive voice over work includes the voice of national campaigns; narrations on Discovery Channel’s series, mini-series and documentaries; video games and the movie trailers for “FRIDAY THE 13th”.

FRIDAY THE 13th Trailers Controversay

Kathleen Garrett voice matches the original Mrs. Voorhees so well Paramount Studios was threatened with a lawsuit. Wikipedia writes:

Upon release of the trailer, Betsy Palmer (the original Mrs. Voorhees) was notified that the voice sounded like her, yet she had never given permission for the studio to use her voice. Palmer concluded that they had taken an audio sampling of her from the original film. In their defense, Paramount stated that they had used a voice double. Bill Neil has gone on record stating that he was present when Kathleen Garrett was in the recording studio reciting the dialogue from the original film...”

Kathleen voices the controversial teaser trailer for the remake of "FRIDAY THE 13th."

As an acting and voice-over coach, Kathleen’s decades of experience provides the actor with insight into script analysis and techniques specifically for auditions.





Acting & Voice-Over Coaching 

This isn’t about learning how to act. It’s about knowing what to act.

Specificity separates great actors from the average.  My technique enables the actor to make clear, distinct choices by breaking down and understanding the text and therefore the character. The same is true in voice-over. It takes more than a nice sounding voice to book work. Script analysis is just as important and understanding the type of copy you’re reading.

These are techniques the actor will be able to use in any role at any time.  It’s eye opening with successful results.  




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